Comic Con

A time of costumes, games, shopping, and fandoms coming together. That means only one thing. Comic con! Comic con recently happened and boy was it fun. Being able to connect with other people about the shows, movies, books, and comics is amazing. Add to this the cosplays. People sharing their passion of being creative and … More Comic Con

Maleficent’s Dragon

May your wings be strong. May they carry you above the clouds and into the headwinds. May they never falter. Not even once.   Mystery, wicked, friendless and yet thought provokingly interesting. These are the words that come to mind when I think about the character Maleficent. Maleficent gets along best with animals compared to … More Maleficent’s Dragon

Hare meets Hatter

The truth. The truth is a picture can hold emotions and memories and so much more within. People just don’t look beyond what’s in front of them to see what’s truly there.  A costume. A piece of clothing or makeup that allows a person to not fully be themselves for a certain amount of time. … More Hare meets Hatter

The Ram of Fire

Time Weaver’s Creations created a beautiful sculpture that represented Aries. Putting her own take on the sign made the end result to be truly unique and beautiful. I of course wanted to put my own spin on the sign. In costume of course. The costume was horns, makeup, and lighting. I wanted the for this … More The Ram of Fire

Aries in Time

A thought. An idea. A creation. When an idea becomes a reality that is when magic happens. I am lucky enough to know someone who takes an idea and can make it into a reality. I have always been curious about horoscopes and the stars. It is a subject that has always fascinated me and … More Aries in Time